A cooler worth the Investment

This year as I fished my tournaments, I had decided to try to utilize campgrounds over hotels as much as possible to keep expenses down and maximize potential profitability of tournament wins.  Keeping the camping deal in mind, I don't want to eat solely Peanut Butter sandwiches and try not to do a ton of fast food, so having a good cooler is pretty important for eating well and affordably.

There are quite a few of these super coolers that claim to keep ice for a week or more, so I figured I should do some research, they don't exactly give these coolers away.  After checking the features and design of all the comparable coolers, I thought the Yukon Cold Locker from Igloo was the choice for me.  When you think about it, why wouldn't a company that has been building quality coolers for more then 60 years understand what consumers like us demand from a high end cooler.

My New 70qt Yukon Cold Locker

The solid hinges, sturdy construction and tethered drain plug were some of the highlights for me on this cooler.  I mean, who wants to loose a drain plug on a couple hundred dollar cooler, what good is it then?  Check out www.yukoncoldlockers.com to see all it's features and how it stacks up against the Yeti.
Tethered drain plug
Two weeks ago fishing a BFL in La Crosse, WI was my first camping trip with my new 70qt Yukon cooler.  With a little planning, I froze a handful of small water bottles for my boat cooler, and a couple others to keep in the cooler, plus dumped my ice maker out right before I left and I was all set for a 4 day fishing trip and didn't have to stop at the local Kwik Trip and shell out $3 for ice every morning, not too mention the time savings.  The 70qt is about right for me, still a large cooler to accommodate everything I need, yet not too big to overwhelm all the space in the back of my tow vehicle.  I have no plans to try to pack and elk or a bear in this thing, so 70 qt is just right.  You can get these at several dealers like BassPro.com and Cabela's.

The way I figure it, by camping at most of my events, which usually saves me $25 a night in lodging and $3 every fishing day on ice, plus not eating out, this cooler will pay for itself before the end of the year, plus my Diet Mountain Dews will always be ice cold!

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